Solid Soap | Oat & vanilla

Creator: DEUX Cosmétiques

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Exfoliate while relaxing!

Oats are a must have for sensitive skin. This soap was created with homemade oat milk to hydrate and soothe sensitive skin, and oatmeal for a gentle exfoliation. The honey added at the end of the preparation gives it even more softening and moisturizing properties. Finally, organic vanilla essence brings a slightly sweet scent to brighten up the mornings

This soap comes with our new wrappers made with wildflower seeded paper! Keep your packaging and plant it in your garden or planters. Packaging designed to leave no trace.

Perfect for sensitive skin, helps to relax.

  • Olive oil: Protective, softening, drowsy, regenerating.
  • Coconut oil: Provides soap hardness and foaming power. Protective, softening and emollient
  • Shea butter: Emollient, protective, very moisturizing/li>
  • Oat milk: Nourishing, soothing, gently cleanses impurities, calming, hydrating, protective
  • Honey: Healing, moisturizing, calming, vitamins

Made in Quebec

IngredientsSaponified olive oil *, saponified coconut oil ° *, saponified shea butter ° *, oat milk *, honey *. - * Organic ingredients ° Fair trade ingredients - Storage: 1 ½ to 2 years

Format : 85 g | 100 % vegan | Not tested on animals.