Sunset Spice Soap

Sunset Spice Soap

Creator: Embody Apothecary

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Best suited for acne-prone and oily skin, this spicy bar will ignite your senses and leave you squeaky clean after a long ride.

Benefits: Amyris essential oil - Relaxing and grounding with a mild, tenacious scent.

Clove essential oil - Brings a warm smell and spicy touch.

Red kaolin clay - Rich in iron and trace elements, red clay purifies and eliminates impurities from the ski, leaving a radiant complexion.

Ingredients: Olive oil*, coconut oil*, water, lard*, sunflower oil*, lye, castor oil*, blackstrap molasses*, red kaolin clay, sweet orange essential oil*, amyris essential oil**, clove bud essential oil*, turmeric powder*

* = organic

** = wild

To maximize the life of your body bar, keep it dry between use.

Format: The weight of one bar is approximately 130 g.