Healing honey soap

Creator: Embody Apothecary

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Healing Honey has a soothing lather that will leave your skin naturally silky and irritation-free.

Benefits: Honey - Known for its moisturizing, antioxidant, moisture-retaining, anti-bacterial (great for acne-prone skin!) properties

Beeswax - Makes the soap emollient (aka. softens and soothes the skin)

Oats - Great for its anti-inflammatory and over-the-moon healing capabilities

Ingredients:Olive oil*, coconut oil*, water, lard*, sunflower oil*, sodium hydroxide, castor oil*, raw honey*, beeswax*, oat kernel meal*

* = Organic

Trick:To maximize the life of your body bar, keep it dry between use.

Format: The weight of a bar is ~ 130g