Cleanser | All skin types

Creator: Idoine

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The Face Cleanser combines freshness and softness to cleanse the skin like no other cleansers can. Thanks to the combined actions of white clay and aloe Vera juice, it brings firmness to the skin and dislodges impurities left on the Epidermis. The restorative action of moringa oil provides nourishing and antioxidant action suitable for all skin types. The facial features are more relaxed. The skin glows.

Ingredients: Demineralised water, Labrador tea distillate, Aloe vera juice, White Clay, Moringa Oil, Ylang-Ylang (EO), Palmarosa (EO), Bourbon Geranium(EO), Vitamin E.

  • Use morning and night
  • All ingredients are certified organic

Made in Quebec.

Product preservation/ stability of 2 years.

100 ml.