Active clay Cleanser | Purify & Balance

Creator: Étymologie

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A gentle, yet powerful clay cleanser that effortlessly removes daily grime and impurities. Non-foaming coconut oil based surfactants cleanse the skin while maintaining the skin barrier, and avoiding over-drying.

Convient à tous les types de peau.

How to use : Massage into dry face and neck with 1-2 drops of cleanser. Rinse the muslin cloth with warm water and wring out. Smooth the skin to remove the cleanser. Splash face with cool water to finish. Use twice a day.

Benefits : Natural alpha-hydroxy-acids from Caviar Lime, Hibiscus and Pomegranate work together with papaya enzymes to exfoliate, brighten, and help keep breakouts at bay. North American red clay draws out excess oil and impurities. The skin is left feeling fresh, clean and balanced and ready for the rest of your routine.

Made in Canada.

*Eco-responsible science - See the pictures for the list of ingredients.

Size : 100ml.