Facial Cream | Sensitive skin

Creator: Idoine

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 This softening and strengthening facial cream for sensitive skin is designed for fragile epidermis. Therapeutic essential oils are specially chosen to activate blood circulation and fight against rosacea and inflammations. The restorative properties of omega-9 contained in moringa oil help sensitive skin cope with the harshest winters.

The facial cream for sensitive skin protects the skin from daily aggression. Prepared from ingredients that stimulate the moisturizing and protective functions of the face, it will give a new vigour to the most fragile epidermis.

Ingredients: Demineralised water, Aloe vera juice, Labrador Tea Distillate, Moringa Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, Macadamia Oil, Glycerin, Ho Wood (EO), Palmarosa (EO), Bourbon Geranium (EO), Saro (EO), Myrrh, Vitamin E.

  • Apply daily
  • All ingredients are certified organic

Made in Quebec.

Product preservation/ stability of 2 years.

60 ml.