Adora scrunchie | Various colors

Creator: Sisterhood par Sarah Holmes

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The Adora scrunchie is tailor-made according to the pattern, so that when it is removed from the knitting machine, there is no loss. Each scrunchie is then assembled with the sewing machine.

The technique used to make the Adora scrunchie is double-sided knitting, same as for the top Rita. The scrunchie is then made of the same materials and is offered in the same range of colors. A touch of elegance that can be worn on the wrist or in the hair.


  • Colored: 60% silk, 30% viscose, 10% stretch-polyester
  • Natural silk: 45% viscose, 35% silk, 20% stretch-polyester
  • 100% natural silk

Handcrafted in Montreal.


Care instructions: Hand wash in cold water. Dry flat.