Our story


Our story is first and foremost the dream of a wardrobe combining elegance, ethics and daringness. Raphaelle Bonin founded Station Service in 2016, with the ambition to offer an alternative to fast fashion and to overcome the environmental damage of the textile industry.

Station Service first presented itself under the concept of renting local designer clothing, aimed at urban and creative women. It is with passion and energy that Rapahelle developed the project, until its official launch in October 2017. She welcomed her first customers in a co-working space located in the Mile End and continued to refine the idea alongside her team.

In the spring of 2018, the company announced that it would have its first physical store, thus concretizing the desire to build a wardrobe that leads by example and encourages a minimalist mode of consumption: its collection dedicated for rental is now enriched with a selection of timeless and durable basics available for purchase.

Accessories, stationary, lingerie and cosmetics have also been selected for the shop. A styling service is also available, in order to offer a complete experience to our clientele.

A true showcase of responsible fashion, this innovative and refreshing meeting place promotes craftsmanship, as well as quality and design.

Today, Station Service is a forward-thinking wardrobe bringing together around forty local creators, a concept store constantly evolving through a curated aesthetic, an engaged dialogue and a transparent approach.