What is the condition of the clothes?
Like new!

How are the clothes maintained? 
The items are dry cleaned between each rental by our ecological cleaner.

If I fall in love with an item after renting it, is it possible to buy it? 
Absolutely ! You will only have to pay the balance left on the retail price (-10% if the item has already been rented). Contact us and we will send you a link to complete the transaction.

What happens in case of breakage or stain (s)?
Our cleaner makes the clothes look like new and our proximity to the designers allows us to repair minor damages. In the event of irreparable damage, we will have to invoice you for the item in question. If a small accident occurs, don’t hesitate to contact us for some quick advice!

Can I clean an item myself if I want to wear it more than once during my rental period? 
We ask you to please not clean the clothes yourself. You can however iron them, unless otherwise indicated. To freshen an item and enjoy it as much as you want: put it in a closed bag in the freezer overnight and leave it to air out when you wake up - this process eliminates odours, germs and even static.

How long does a rental period last?
7 days from the moment you pick up the item. A $ 5 / day fee will be applied in the event of a late return. For any exceptional requests - such as a trip, please contact us to reach an agreement.

Can I reserve an item for a later date?
Absolutely. For any reservation, simply pay for the rental item and let us know on what date you would like to pick up your outfit.

I changed my mind! Can I cancel my reservation?
You can cancel a reservation within three days of it. We will give you a credit of the same value for a future rental. Please note that we do not issue refunds.

How are the “à la carte” rental prices set?
Prices are set based on the purchase value of the item and the maintenance required. Generally the rental price is roughly a third of the purchase price. 

Can I do alterations?
It is not possible to do alterations on rented clothes.


I spotted an item in the « rental » section but I’d like to buy it…
Write to us, tell us which item you would like and we will try to accommodate you.

I spotted an item in the « buy » section but I’d like to rent it… 
Write to us, tell us which item you would like and we will try to accommodate you.

Why are some items not available for purchase?
Some key items in the “rental” section are from limited editions or were created expressly for us and we are not ready to let them go for good! However, don’t lose hope, you may find the items in question during our end of season sale.

How can I be sure I’m choosing the right size?
As each designer has their own size chart, it is very important to read the sizing details for each clothing item. If there is none, or you are still in doubt, write to us for clarification.

My size is not available…
We strongly encourage you to let us now! Our proximity to designers allows us to place special orders quickly.

How often do you get new arrivals?
The pace of slow fashion  is indeed "slower" and sometimes unpredictable, but we still get new arrivals almost every week, whether it's a new collection or a brand new designer.

An item I had my eye on is sold out...
Ask us when our next restock is! When an item is completely discontinued, it will be removed from the website.

Where are you located? 
Our shop and offices are located at 4268 Saint-Laurent boul. Montreal H2W 1Z3.


Which territory does the delivery cover?
We deliver all across North America.

How is the delivery done?
By bike, on the island of Montreal (see table below) or by traditional mail if outside this area. You can also choose the option to pick up in store.

What are the shipping fees?
$8: bike delivery area.
$10: Montreal and surrounding areas.
$20: United States, for orders under $250.
FREE for any order of $125 and more in Canada.
FREE for all orders of $250 and more in the United States. 

How do I return a rental item?
You can return your outfit in the delivery box by mail or simply drop it off at the store.

We haven’t answered your question? Write to us at bonjour@stationservice.co, it will be our pleasure to help you.